America: One Nation Under Islam

  • Sep 25, 2009

America is no longer a Christian nation. Our President has made it clear where his allegiance lies by hosting a Muslim prayer breakfast in the White House but refusing to participate in the National Day of Prayer and today, September 25, 2009, fifty thousand Muslims are expected to march on Capitol Hill.

Vision America has initiated a letter to the organizers of the Islam March on Capitol Hill, asking them to disavow certain acts of terrorism, "committed by Muslims, in the name of Islam."

We have received no response so the following press release was submitted on Thursday:

September 24, 2009

For Immediate Release


A group called The Ad Hoc Committee of Americans for Transparency and Honesty in Religion has called on the organizers of tomorrow's "Islam on Capitol Hill" rally to denounce specific acts of terrorism.

The "Islam On Capitol Hill" website says those assembled will pray "for the soul of America." It also proclaims -- "Our Time Has Come."

Muslim Americans assure us that Islam categorically rejects terrorism and that the concept of "jihad" refers to a "spiritual struggle," and has nothing whatsoever to do with "holy war."

However, the Letter notes that, "Around the world, the overwhelming number of terrorist acts are carried out by Muslims, that many Muslim-American groups have terrorist ties and that justification for acts of violence against ‘infidels' is found in the Koran."

Signers of the letter ask rally organizers to disavow the following acts of terrorism, "committed by Muslims, in the name of Islam":

    * The 9/11 attacks (more than 3,000 dead)
    * The 2002 bombing of a hotel in Netanya, Israel (30 killed)
    * The 2002 Bali bombings (202 dead)
    * The 2007 plot to murder soldiers at Ft. Dix
    * The 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India (173 dead)
    * The 2009 conspiracy to bomb a synagogue and Jewish community center in the Bronx

The letter asks recipients if they are "willing to join millions of other people of faith in America and denounce these and similar acts of terrorism?"

The letter is signed by 19 prominent leaders, including: Tony Perkins (President, Family Research Council), Mat Staver (Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel), Joe Farah (Founder and CEO, WorldNetDaily), Pastor Rick Scarborough (President,Vision America) and Rabbi Daniel Lapin (President, American Alliance of Jews and Christians). The affiliations listed are for identification purposes only. Click here to read the Open Letter in its entirety, including a list of signers.

The letter was sent by Federal Express to Hassen Abdellah (President of the Dar-ul-Islam Mosque in Elizabeth, N.J.), identified in a September 5, Washington Post story as the main organizer of the Sep. 25 event, and Aly A. Aziz (President of the Islamic Society of Central New Jersey), also mentioned in the Post story as helping to organize the event.

To date, there has been no response.

Dr. Scarborough commented: "If people all over the world were committing acts of murder and mayhem in the name of Christianity, Christian leaders in the United States would spare no effort to disavow these blasphemies. Why are Muslim leaders conspicuously silent?"

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