• Rick Scarborough
  • Nov 24, 2009

Obama-Care passed another perilous milestone Saturday evening when -- on a strictly partisan vote (without one Republican supporting the measure) -- the Senate voted to bring H.R. 3590, the federal takeover of U.S. health care, to the floor for amendment and debate.

Sometime after Thanksgiving, the Senate will take up nationalized health care in earnest. Crucial to understanding the most dangerous piece of legislation in our lifetime is the following:

  • In its present form, the bill is a 1,990-page monstrosity. It's not because the issue is that complex. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the bill much longer than "War and Peace" for a reason – to discourage voters from reading it. Congressmen and Senators haven't read it either, and won't before a final vote. Pelosi and company defeated a bill to require House members to actually read the bill before they voted on it.
  • It will cost as much as $2.5 trillion over the next decade, and that's on top of the record-breaking deficits President Obama has already rolled up in his first 10 months in office. The piper will be paid with higher taxes, job-annihilating inflation or a combination thereof.
  • If Obama-Care becomes law, it will increase the cost of medical insurance for the 88% of Americans who already have it. Once the system is implemented, those who refuse to buy insurance will be fined and could even go to jail.
  • It will result in a complete government takeover of the health insurance. Under the direction of a misnamed "Health Choices Commissioner" (there will be no choice), private insurers will be told what to charge, what coverage to offer, what must be covered and so on. To cite one example, insurers will be forced to cover prior conditions (including lung cancer from decades of smoking and life-style diseases the AIDS). The goal is to bankrupt private insurers -- insuring that the "public option" is the only option.
  • Nothing in the legislation (including the Stupak amendment in the House version), will prevent the plan from being used to fund abortion, assisted-suicide and the rationing of medical services. One proposal would eliminate routine mammograms for women under-50 (including those in high-risk categories).

The so-called Senate moderates (Blanche Lincoln, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and Joe Lieberman), who all voted to bring the bill to the floor, are claiming it was merely a procedural vote. That's nonsense, to put it mildly.

As my friend Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) explains: "Let's be clear: Any Senator who votes to proceed to this bill is voting for a government takeover of health care. Senators who hide behind procedure and claim they just want to allow for debate are not being honest, they are trying to deceive their voters while helping to pass this terrible bill that will make health care more expensive." Exactly.

The fight is far from over. We can still kill federalized health care by upholding an all-but-certain Republican filibuster. Harry Reid needs 60 votes to invoke cloture (end a filibuster). We have 40 solid votes. All we need to do is peel off one Democrat or Independent, and the bill is doomed in this session.

Recall the warning of President Ronald Reagan, spoken almost a half-century ago: "One of the traditional ways of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine." This is a war we must not lose.

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