American Prayer

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Sep 5, 2008

The Democrats failed to train their delegates on how to act during prayer.  I happened to watch one of the prayers at the Democrat Convention.  The camera showed Michele Obama, and Mr. and Mrs. Biden.  They had their heads bowed.  However, none of the people around them in the shot did.  Their heads were unbowed. They were all looking around with their eyes open.  I learned from others who saw more people that it was unusual to find anyone with heads bowed and their eyes closed.

 The GOP convention was the complete opposite. Bowed heads, closed eyes nearly everywhere.  People there were respectful.  They were acknowledging their Creator. 

The Democrats said they were reaching out to “people of faith.”  But they failed to get it right.  It appears they are more interested in lifting praise to Obama than to God.

Have a look at “American Prayer (Barack Obama Music Video)


President Bush proclaims September 5 through September 7, 2008 as National Days of Prayer and Remembrance.

Read the complete statement from the White House, here

Media bias is again on a rampage and it would appear that Sarah Palin’s religious values are being cast as a detriment to her character.

Read how the Huffington Post views Sarah Palin’s religious values

Meanwhile, the unabashed liberal media has unapologetically used their national audience to denigrate one political candidate while presenting the other in the most flattering light possible.  US Weekly, whose publisher is a verified Barack Obama financial supporter, has “covered” both the candidacy of Obama and the selection by John McCain of Sarah Palin as his running mate.

See the US covers together, here 

With elections just around the corner, your “must read” list should include “Enough is Enough,” written by Pastor Scarborough.  Phyllis Schlafly says: “Rick Scarborough has given Christians a powerful call to action, motivating us to tackle the task of restoring America to the great country we have been and can be again.”  In the foreword, Dr. Tim LaHaye writes:  “Will Christians have to save America again?”

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The Oasis 2008 Conference will be held in Sacramento, CA on October 23 – 25.  The purpose of the conference is to educate and provide resources to the Christian Church in America how to reach Muslims with the hope and salvation of Jesus Christ.

View the Conference Website, here


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