Angry Homosexual Mob Assaults Christian Grandmother

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Dec 5, 2008

Rick Scarborough Report:

Angry Homosexual Mob Assaults Christian Grandmother

Persecution of American Christians Has Begun

In 2004 and 2005 Vision America hosted two national conferences to bring awareness to the growing hostility against religion in America and particularly against Christians. The national press were frenzied in their effort to deny the truth of our assertion as ABC Nightly News, USA Today and others tried to argue that under the Bush Presidency Christianity had never had it better.

A local CBS news report in Palm Springs, CA left no doubt about the gay persecution of Christians. They caught a Christian grandmother being assaulted by radical homosexuals over the weekend as she sought to exercise her First Amendment Right to free expression and her religious right to object to their lifestyle choices. Can you say HATE CRIME?

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Amazingly, if you listen to the press account of assault that unfolds before your eyes, the commentator closes with the statement that there is a "lot of anger and a lot of hate on both sides."

The ONLY hate and anger being acted upon is coming from radical homosexuals who are now rampaging across California and the nation defacing churches and assaulting Pastors and Grandmothers. WHY??? They believe that God's Word is true regarding marriage and that children need and deserve a Mother and a Dad; not a Mom and a Mom or a Dad and a Dad! Or…a Dad and a Dad and a Dad and a Dad and a Dad; or a Mom and a Mom and a Mom and a Mom…you get the picture.

The persecution of Christianity in America has begun. Homosexual activists are now making up lists of Christian leaders who oppose their agenda to legitimize what God calls sin and perversion, and making plans to destroy them. And they will succeed if courageous and godly people like you do not stand up and expose them.

grandmother_and_reporter_threatenedFor the past thirty years, and particularly in the past ten years, the pulpits of America have grown increasingly apostate and weak. We have lost the clear clarion call to righteousness and Biblically based theology that men like Dr. Jerry Falwell, Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. Adrian Rogers proclaimed over the national airwaves just five years ago. In their place are a host of popular preachers in America who will never take a public position on abortion or same-sex marriage, and you won’t find homosexual activists picketing their churches any time soon. You can be assured that Rogers, Falwell and Kennedy would have been targeted for the preaching they were doing before their deaths.

Now, more than anytime in our lifetime, true believers must stand up and be heard. There are more of us than there are of them, and we have both the Bible and the Constitution on our side, not to mention all of human history, but none of that matters if we will not stand. Please stand with us as we seek to confront the growing hatred of Christianity and the attending assault on our faith.

Please join me in sending faxes to all the major news outlets and demanding that they accurately report that the hostility is one sided.

Christians aren’t attacking homosexuals; homosexuals are attacking Christians. Take Action Now -

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I am your friend,

Pastor Rick Scarborough


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