Answered Prayer - Lt. Carey Cash,Camp David Chaplain

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Jul 13, 2009

Recently President Obama made the decision to participate in private worship at Camp David rather than attend one of the churches in Washington D.C. This decision was made in part because of the tremendous public response to his visit to 19th Street Baptist in January.

People of faith know that Obama's campaign promise for change has more to do with the condition of the heart rather than the policies that are made. So in addition to courageously taking necessary stands for truth and righteousness, we obey God's command to pray for Obama and "all those in authority."

Lt. Carey Cash In my opinion is a direct answer to that prayer. He just began a three year period of service at Camp David, where Obama has chosen to worship with his family. Chaplains at Camp David are on a three year rotation and the White House has nothing to do with who serves as Chaplain at any given time.

Lt. Cash is committed to Christ and has a testimony of courageous service in the United States Navy, detailed in his book A Table in the Presence, The Dramatic Account of How a U.S. Marine Battalion Experienced God's Presence Amidst the Chaos of the War in Iraq. He was commissioned as a chaplain in 1999. He graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, my alma mater, and has also given the convocation at a Liberty University graduation, founded by Jerry Falwell, and one of greatest Christian Universities in the world.

Obviously this is no coincidence so let's be interceding both for the entire Obama family and for Lt. Cash. Join me in asking God to give Chaplain Cash words of insight, wisdom and truth that He can use to speak directly to the heart of President Obama. Then perhaps real change that honors God and advances freedom here and around the world will ensue. God is answering our prayer so continue to be faithful to intercession!

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Fear the Lord and judge with integrity, for the Lord our God does not tolerate perverted justice, partiality, or the taking of bribes. - 2 Chronicles 19:7

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