Barnstorming Iowa

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Nov 30, 2007

Beginning December 6, Vision America will be joining forces with in an effort to mobilize thousands of Values Voters all over Iowa as we barnstorm the state for ten days. We have been offered the use of a bus that has been especially designed for rallies, complete with a roll out stage, satellites on the roof to connect with the worldwide media, loud speakers and spotlights.

We will be working with the Iowa Family Policy Institute as well as the Iowa Christian Alliance, two very aggressive and effective pro-family organizations. Our goal is to host three rallies a day as we crisscross the state, registering thousands of voters and mobilizing tens of thousands to vote their values during the Iowa caucuses in January.

"Fox News," "US News and World Report," and other national media have expressed interest in covering this groundbreaking event as we travel the length and breadth of this important state.

I need your help to pull this off. The offer of the bus was made the day before Thanksgiving, and while the timing was difficult, I could not pass on such a chance to make a real contribution to the direction of our country. We do not have the money on hand to fund this effort which includes airfare, hotels and food, not to mention the need to advertise and publicize each rally. This is a pure faith venture.

Would you prayerfully consider making the largest donation you can to help us with this effort. Click here to make a donation to our C3 which is tax deductible. Click here to make a donation to our C4 which is not tax deductible, but is God-blessable and needed to untie my hands to speak more directly to the issues confronting our nation.

Christmas is becoming a “Christ-less-mess” in America

Christmas and Christianity are under assault in America. A very small, but very loud, minority seems hell bent on destroying everything sacred in this nation, and it is time that God-fearing Americans stand up and shout them down. CNN’s YouTube Republican debate featured a video of a seething young man waving a big black Bible, angrily asking the candidates, “Do you believe every word of this book is literally true?”--further cementing their view that all Christians are intolerant kooks. Can you imagine such a question being posed to the Democratic contenders? And do you really believe that was the best question they could find out of over 5,000 possibilities?

As I was praying over the various flash points which I might address to you who are a part of our growing Vision America family, it occurred to me, the list is getting longer and I am getting madder…and yes, there is a time for anger in the life of a Christian. The scripture is clear, “In your anger sin not. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” Eph. 4:26. We should never allow our anger to control us or dominate us, but neither should we be ashamed to admit that we are angry over the way our Savior is being treated by some in our midst.

It seems that everyday brings another tale of a city or company that has quietly acquiesced to the pressure of expunging Christ from His own birthday party and replacing His Glory with toys and materialism. In the few places where manger scenes are allowed to remain, they are surrounded by everything from Wicca symbols to pagan idols, all in the name of diversity.

In Ft. Collins, Colorado, Jesus has been replace by snow men, snow flakes, skis, penguins and polar bears. When the local county sheriff complained on his Web site, he was assailed by the county commissioners. Fortunately for him, thousands of everyday Americans, and even Bill O’Reilly, have rallied to his cause and, to date, he has not been dismissed. When the decision of the county commissioners to de-Christianize Christmas was made public, the outcry was so great that they compromised on outdoor displays, but decided to keep all indoor displays purely "secular."

Vision America is sending 1000 of our Its Okay to Say Merry Christmas bumper stickers to Sheriff Jim Alderden today. If you would like to donate to this effort, and help us encourage Sheriff Alderden, click here. To send a fax to the sheriff and every member of the county commission for a donation of any amount, click here. To send e-mails for free, click here.

Please forward this information to your email list and let’s give a resounding message to the county commissioners in Laramore County, Colorado, that It’s Okay to say Merry Christmas. After all, Christmas is Christ’s birthday and most Americans still celebrate it.

Click here to order your It’s Okay to Say Merry Christmas bumper stickers.

Child Abuse Now Rampant in a Growing Number of Public Schools

If you’re a parent and hold any traditional values, this next item will infuriate you. In Des Moines, Iowa, students at East High School were encouraged to celebrate Gender Bender Day by cross dressing. Vision America has learned that the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network has created a school lesson plan for teaching students about transgendered persons, complete with instructions on how to cross-dress. According to WorldNetDaily, close to 200 families have taken steps to take their children out of this public school and find a suitable place where their children can be educated without being indoctrinated.

I recently viewed a video taken over 12 years ago in a public school faculty meeting where teachers were being taught that accepting homosexuality was a value and that values education included undoing what narrow-minded homophobic parents were teaching at home. I was outraged and heartbroken at the same time. When I considered how far a small immoral minority have taken this country toward complete societal breakdown, I didn’t know whether to scream, curse or cry. I decided to ask God for people who still love and honor Him to help me and I renewed my vow to spend my life trying to turn back this assault on our nation.

Rev. John Witherspoon, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and president of Princeton University during the era when that school embraced the Bible as the foundation of all true education, said,

“He is the best friend to American liberty who is the most sincere and active in promoting true and undefiled religion, and who set himself with the greatest firmness to bear down on profanity and immorality of every kind. Whoever is an avowed enemy to God, I scruple not to call him an enemy to his country. It is your duty in this important and critical season to exert yourselves, every one in his proper sphere, to stem the tide of prevailing vice, to promote the knowledge of God, the reverence of his name and worship, and obedience to His laws. Your duty to God, to your country, to your families, and to yourselves, is the same.”

It is past time for Christians to stand up to the infidels who are assaulting our children under the guise of diversity and academic freedom. There is a frontal assault being waged on our children from the halls of academia to the mansions of Hollywood. From the buses and private airplanes of rock stars and musicians to cocktail parties of politicians who have sold their soul for power. The only hope for America is a true revival of true religion--and that means you and me.

Huckabee States He Would Abolish IRS if Elected

During the CNN YouTube debate Wednesday night, the question was asked of the candidates, name the three government bureaucracies you would eliminate if you were president. Mike Huckabee said he would start with the IRS--to thunderous applause. As soon as the debate was concluded, the pundits castigated the proposal as outrageous and undoable.


People today, as Huckabee stated, fear an IRS audit more than they do being mugged. I have come to believe that the whole matter of the tax code is a moral issue. The most unfair tax ever devised may be the income tax which has become a massive means of redistributing wealth--as well as a clever way of controlling behavior.

The IRS costs taxpayers over $3,000,000,000.00 a year to administer. Add to that the hundreds of millions of dollars that taxpayers are forced to pay CPAs and tax preparers due to the complexity of the tax code. And even then, you are never certain that everything is correct. Survey after survey has shown that three identical calls to the toll free hotline the IRS has provided for assisting taxpayers can elicit three different responses.

And the greatest injustice is that the Federal Income Tax forces law abiding citizens to foot the bill for the law breakers.

Why not tax spending, rather than earnings. Then, drug peddlers, harlots, thieves and illegal aliens would pay taxes too. The need for tax preparers goes away with a National Sales tax or Fair Tax. Everyone pays the same established percentage whenever they purchase goods. Not equal taxes but equal sacrifice. There’s something inherently fair about that.

Those who purchase the least pay the least. Those who purchase the most pay the most. What could be fairer or easier than that?

What about gifts to charities like Vision America that under the current system is tax-deductible? There are ways to protect charities and churches with a Fair Tax. But frankly, if getting rid of the C3 deduction would get the IRS off the back of churches so that pastors could once again be free to preach the truth without fear of bankrupting the church due to an IRS investigation, I would be for it.

YES! The IRS can be eliminated, and I would be ecstatic about it.

Goodbye to a Dear Friend of the Helpless…Henry Hyde

Henry Hyde was a gentle giant of the faith, who fought for unborn children his entire political career. Thursday he received his well deserved reward as he left this life and entered heaven. His example will challenge us all for the rest of our lives. He will be sorely missed.


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