Blue Dog Pack Threatens to Bail on Health Care Over Abortion Language

  • Fox News
  • Mar 4, 2010

Blue Dog Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak says he's counted 11 lawmakers plus himself willing to kill President Obama's health care overhaul over abortion language.

Stupak, of Michigan, sponsored a provision in the House of Representative's health care bill that passed last fall that clearly prohibits the use of federal money to pay for abortions. That language did not make it into the Senate bill, the model Obama is using to craft the plan he is expected to send to Congress shortly.

Obama has urged the Senate to use the "reconciliation" procedure to pass the bill, which would allow Democrats to avoid a 60-vote majority needed to strike down a filibuster but would demand that lawmakers vote only on matters that impact the budget. Before that happens, however, House Democrats can prevent the legislation from reaching the Senate.

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