Change We Can Believe In????

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Feb 13, 2009

Change We Can Believe In????

It’s early morning, Friday, February 13th as I write this report, and it appears likely today or tomorrow the President’s 800 plus page, 800 plus billion dollar “Spendulous” Package will become law.  I find all of this staggering in its irresponsibility and shocking in its arrogance.

Not one member of Congress will have read this bill in its entirety by the time then vote on it, yet it will be the most costly and most invasive piece of legislation this country has ever witnessed.  The President ran with promises of openness and fairness, yet what is fair about jamming through a social and political agenda under the guise of stimulating the economy when every hour a new revelation of pork and wasteful spending which has no place in a stimulus bill, comes forth. 

The President said there would be no pork or earmarks in this legislation, yet Senate Leader Harry Reed has inserted billions of dollars to build a high speed rail system from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  This may create jobs, but it smacks of political pay back to cronies of Leader Harry Reed, who doubtless will receive some handsome contributions to his campaign war chest from contractors who receive from this “stimulus.”  And one has to wonder what affect this new rapid transit system from Los Angeles to the capitol of gambling and prostitution will have on families will have?

Then there is the more than four billion dollars going to ACORN, the highly partisan voter registration and community action group which is under investigation for alleged voter fraud in the last election.  Four billion dollars is four thousand million dollars!  This could be called the Senator Obama earmark, as no single organization did more to advance Obama’s bid for the White House than ACORN. 

Add to this the fact that a tax cheat who still owes the Federal treasury back taxes, which he escaped due to the statute of limitations expiring, is now heading up the Treasury Department. This week he pledged up to three trillion dollars to prop up failing banks and the housing industry.  Wall Street and Main Street had waited for weeks to hear this brilliant insider from the New York banking cartel share his much anticipated “plan” but it was so vague and lacking in substantive content that Wall Street, expecting a boost, instead plunged almost 400 points.

Then there was the saga of the Commerce Department.  Nine days ago, amidst much fanfare, the Obama administration announced that fiscal conservative Republican, Senator Dan Gregg would be the President’s nominee to head the Department.  Yesterday, citing irreconcilable differences with the President, Gregg withdrew his nomination. 

Gregg withdrew primarily because his department had been gutted.  One of the chief duties, historically, of the Commerce Department has been to take Census Bureau Statistics and determine how money and resources are to be allocated.  Many decisions regarding government expenditures are determined in part by population shifts and growth.  But the Obama administration, in Chicago style political maneuvering, has moved the Census Bureau under the direct oversight former Chicago power broker Rahm Emmanuel. 

This is unprecedented in American History.  The Census Bureau has always been protected from those who would politicize the nation’s census, but it appears that the Obama administration intends to change all that.  House member apportionments are determined by population shifts and gains, and this move will provide every possibility for manipulating the numbers to attain advantages for politicians who agree with the Presidents political goals and agenda.  This move does not pass the smell test.  Again, where is the openness and transparency we were promised?

Add to this his nominees to the Justice Department and Federal Courts, and you see a pattern developing that is dangerous in its implications for traditional Christian and Conservative values.  His nominations include David Ogden for Deputy Attorney General, who has defended pornography as a free speech issue for such clients as Playboy Magazine and Penthouse.  Robert Scruton published an article on February 9th relating to this nominee:

President Obama’s choice of David Ogden for Deputy Attorney General is not of concern to Americans only... For President Obama to be making overtures of conciliation towards the Muslim world—something that is certainly needed—while appointing to high legal office one of the most virulent advocates of a culture that poses the greatest threat to Muslim society is, it seems to me, indicative of a deep confusion—a confusion inherent in the essential negativity of liberal politics.

So far, the new President has given us world wide distribution of funding for abortion by Executive Orders; an eight hundred billion dollar Stimulus and Pork Barrel handout, a three trillion dollar bailout for banks and lending institutions, a porn industry defender as Assistant Attorney General, and promises to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community to pass laws which will pave the way for the silencing of dissenting views regarding their lifestyles. 

Is this the change that the American people voted for?  I pray not.  And I commit to those of you who support this work that I will work tirelessly to thwart this wicked agenda and seek to continue informing you and millions of others, especially the Pastors of America, as information becomes available to us.

Finally, please consider helping us do this important work.  Our income is down significantly since last fall as many of our faithful supporters have been adversely affected by the recession.  But I remind you as I remind myself during the down times we especially need God as our Partner.  Jesus said, “Give and it shall be given to you.”   I am living proof of that reality.  My wife and I have been tithers our entire married lives, and we have never had a need our Lord has not met.  We have included our church and Vision America in our giving.  Please select here and become a Patriot Partner to this ministry.  Or select here and make a one time gift.

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I remain...Your servant and friend,

Pastor Rick Scarborough

Fear the Lord and judge with integrity, for the Lord our God does not tolerate perverted justice, partiality, or the taking of bribes.   2 Chronicles 19:7

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