Christianity About to Be Declared Illegal!

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Oct 16, 2009

The time is now.  There is no more time to wait, no more time to think “I can do it tomorrow,” or “This really isn’t happening…not in America.  It will go away.”  It’s not going away and it is happening in America.  Right now.

Hate Crimes Legislation, known as Senate Bill 909 and House Bill 1913 are being reconciled in Conference Committee now. The Senate version has some language that protects Christians and our right to speak up against homosexuality.  The House bill does not protect Christians at all.

There are two main goals of this agenda:

1)      Normalize homosexuality,

2)      Silence the opposition through incarceration, if necessary.

The Senate bill provides protection for speech, conduct or activities compelled by religious beliefs.  It also says that there will be no prosecutions based solely (in layman’s language, “we will consider it”) on a person’s expression or advocating of religious beliefs.

The penalty for being found guilty of a hate crime can be up to ten years in prison!  Delete sentence

We CANNOT sit back and do nothing!  NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL, FAX AND WRITE members of Congress!   

Select here to send a fax to every member of Congress and tell him or her to VOTE NO to Hate Crimes Legislation in all forms! 

WorldNet Daily has provided a unique way to remind members of Congress that they work for YOU. 

Select here to send your own personalized “pink slip” to every Representative for only $29.95,  

Members of Congress have to be reminded that they MUST accurately represent the values of those who elected them.  To date, over 3.25 million pink slips have been sent via FedEx to Congress! 

Antichrist About to be Released on America!!!

My good friend, Ted Behr, founder of, whose ministry is based in Los Angeles, has sent out and urgent appeal, calling on people of faith to help protect the innocence of our children by holding Hollywood to an honest standard for rating movies. 

An extremely vile movie is about to be released next week without a rating, which will allow anyone to attend.  It deserves a rating of NC-17 at the very least, as it includes “deliberately explicit and pornographic sex scenes.  It also contains graphic close-ups of sexual mutilation and murderous, accidental violence, including the death of a baby.”

Select here to read more about the movie: is circulating a petition to force them to give the movie at least a rating of NC-17.

Select here to sign the petition:

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