Christmas IS Jesus

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Dec 18, 2009

Christmas is here, in all its beauty and warmth. It saddens me to think that if Barack Obama got his way, Jesus would not be recognized as the reason for the season.

Earlier this month, White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers disclosed that the First Family was planning a "non-traditional Christmas," this year that would include choosing not to display the traditional manger scene.

Thankfully, because of the outcry from the public the plan was abandoned.

At the National Tree Lighting Ceremony at the White House, Obama proclaimed that Christmas is no longer a religious holiday. Rather, it's "a tradition that has come to represent more than one holiday or religion."

The question we must ask ourselves is why are only Christians being asked to sacrifice our holiday on the altar of sensitivity and tolerance? Do Jews feel guilty about celebrating Hanukah? Do the Saudis proclaim that Ramadan is "a tradition that has come to represent more than any one holiday or religion"? Why isn't Obama asking other religions to give up celebrating their holy days?

The answer is that the message of Christianity, the message of salvation and hope through Jesus Christ, is systematically being silenced in the very nation that was born out of the desire to worship freely, without fear of consequence or reprisal.

The message of political correctness is to offend no one and to tolerate every belief and every religion. Jesus Christ is STILL the only Way and the Truth is still that no man will come to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). We are called to love each and every person but NOT to accept just any belief as the truth without boldly proclaiming the truth about Jesus.

Friends, there is no greater calling this Christmas season than to let the light of the love of Jesus Christ shine so our Father will be glorified and so that others can find the hope that we have. Jesus IS Christmas and He is the only peace that will endure.

We at Vision America Action wish you and yours a Very Merry CHRISTmas!!

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Dr. Rick Scarborough founded Vision America in 1998 as an organization whose mission is to "inform and mobilize Pastors and their congregations to become salt and light, becoming pro-active in restoring Judeo-Christian values in America." He has published the widely acclaimed 252-page book appropriately entitled, Enough is Enough; a Call to Christian Involvement. Other published works include, In Defense of Mixing Church and State and It All Depends on What Is...Is. In 2007 he published Liberalism Kills Kids.

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