Dobson says California is the Gettysburg of Culture War

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Jan 18, 2008

In 1996, as a pastor of a large church in the suburbs of Houston, I launched Vision America, a movement to recruit pastors and people of faith to honor their responsibility before God by participating in the process of shaping public policy. Our work has been featured on the front page of the Washington Post and in numerous articles and documentaries such as CNN's God's Warriors which aired recently.

Vision America is dedicated to helping educate values voters on the critical issues of our time. This issue of the Rick Scarborough Report covers:

      1) California petitions for traditional marriage;
      2) Florida initiative to protect marriage;
      3) Huckabee and McCain overtake Giuliani nationally;
      4) An opportunity for you to tell us what is most important to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am looking and praying for Patriot Partners who will help me restore our nation.

In him,

Pastor Rick Scarborough

Dobson says California is the Gettysburg of Culture War

Focus on the Family's Dr. James Dobson calls the marriage issue in California the "Gettysburg of the Culture War."  On October 7, 2007, the Ocean Grove Camp Ground, owned by Methodists, lost its tax-exempt status for refusing to host a same-sex "wedding" in its marriage pavilion--proof that such a scenario is equally likely in California churches should same-sex marriage become the law.

The biblical definition of marriage is under siege in California. Californians have less than 100 days (April 1) to collect 1 million signatures statewide to have a voter initiative placed on the ballot this November for a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as being between one man and one woman. Proposition 22 only amended the Family Code and the California Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case making it extremely likely Prop 22 will be found unconstitutional.  

But this is where we need you.  It is not possible to simply send an e-mail as the petition rules are very strict for a ballot initiative.  

  1. If you live in California, please click here to request a Petition form (10 signatures per petition) and the petition will be mailed to you immediately. Petitions are not available online.
  2. If you are in California, request several petitions and pass them around at your church and to your friends and family.
  3. California residents, pick up a petition by locating the nearest petition distribution center and visit that center to obtain a petition also (posted at; We need you to obtain at least ten signatures on your petition and then return that completed petition back to your distribution center or to P.O. Box 162657, Sacramento, California 95816-2657.
    You can request more information at: , or call (951) 354-8362
  4. Contribute:  Vision America is working to help educate and mobilize values voters throughout Florida and also California on marriage ballot issues supporting traditional marriage. It cost tens of thousands to get the word out in a timely fashion to help family leaders in key states with such ballot initiatives.  If you can help, we would greatly appreciate it.  (Click here to donate)

If you want to learn more of how we got to this point, see the "Full Article" CLICK HERE.

Help Voter initiative in Florida to amend Constitutional defining marriage

Florida Marriage Amendment in Danger of Not Making 2008 Ballot

Immediate Action is Needed to Collect More Petitions: Family leaders declared a state of "constitutional emergency" when they learned from Division of Elections officials that due to an "audit," the Marriage Protection Amendment fell short by 22,000 petitions.  Amendment leaders are calling upon national, state and local pro-family leaders to alert Floridians to the crisis and to immediately pull out all stops to collect new petitions over the next two weeks.

 Action Steps:

  1. Sign Petition.  If you live in Florida, download the petition in PDF format, sign and get others to sign. (Click Here)  Appeal to your pastor to do one last petition collection over the next two Sundays.  All petitions must be physically mailed or hand delivered into the state headquarters located at 4853 S. Orange Avenue, Orlando FL 32806, before close of business on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 (Presidential Primary Election Day).  Under a new law, petitions can no longer be delivered to local county supervisors of elections by individual citizens.  Petitions can only be received from the official sponsoring committee of the amendment.  If you are not sure if you signed the petition already you should call your local county supervisor of elections.
  2. If you are in Florida, volunteer to collect petitions outside of early voting sites which opened today.  (Click Here)  to look up your county Supervisor Elections office and find early voting sites in your county.  Make sure you stand 100 feet away from the polling place to meet the legal requirement.
  3. Contribute:  Vision America is working to help educate and mobilize values voters throughout the country on marriage ballots and other issues.  It cost tens of thousands to get the word out in a timely fashion to help family leaders in key states with such ballot initiatives.  If you can help, we would greatly appreciate it.  (Click here to donate) 

Huckabee and McCain overtake Giuliani Nationally

While Huckabee was the run away winner in Iowa, McCain has faired just as well in national polling recently and the race could come down to  these two men.  The latest national polling has McCain and Huckabee leading Giuliani substantially where both men had been trailing for months by double digits the former socially liberal New York mayor.  Their refusal to attack each other also leaves some wondering if the two men would run together for their party. Romney has been the most damaged by Iowa and NH and Thompson left his campaign alive and now hinges his campaign on South Carolina.  As we have seen in the last few weeks, it would not be wise to write off any of the top five in this race.

Republican Candidates 1/14/08
Rasmussen four day tracking

McCain - 23%

Huckabee - 20%

Romney - 13%

Thompson - 12%

Giuliani - 11%

Obama has closed Hillary's 20%+ lead in a race that the political experts and media had declared was "inevitably" hers for months.  The race has turned nasty with Obama likening himself to JFK and MLK and Hillary implying that Lyndon Johnson was a greater figure in history by signing the civil rights act. It will be telling to see how South Carolina influences the national election in both primaries.

Please tell us what is important to you.

We would like to make sure that your voice is heard by your elected representatives. Please take just three minutes to answer our survey. Click HERE to begin. There are questions on:

*  Pro-Life
*  The War on Terror
*  Traditional Marriage
*  Religious Liberty

At the end of the survey, you can view how other respondents have answered.

God Bless you.
Pastor Rick Scarborough

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