Growing Unrest and Violence in Latin America

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Feb 24, 2009

Growing Unrest and Violence in Latin America

Recently Hugo Chavez, known anti-American and Marxist, was made dictator for life in Venezuela.  This week his top opponent there, Alejandro Pena-Exclusa, is coming to America to meet with the government, media, academic and religious leaders in a sincere effort to warn us that those in support of Chavez are violently seeking control of Latin America.  It is a well-known fact that the southern border of the United States is weakening and violence and unrest are rampant there.

Mr. Pena-Exclusa is warning that there is a Marxist agenda that is being advanced in Latin America and it is aligning with Islamic Jihadist forces and drug lords who are anti-democratic and ant-American.  Their target: non-member governments, Catholic and evangelical churches as well as other institutions.

It really is no surprise that insecurity and violence have become commonplace in Latin America.  Poverty is soaring as people face unemployment and extremely low prices for the products they work so hard to grow and produce. Add to that the diminishing foreign assistance and investment and the weakening education and healthcare system and the stage is set for violence and unrest as desperate citizens who are too poor, tired and weak to resist become easy prey.

Why is this cause for concern?  Arizona’s largest trading partner is Mexico, which makes it a main entry point for human smugglers and Mexican drug cartels.  Our national security is directly threatened.  Phoenix has become the leading city in the Western world for kidnapping with more than one kidnapping a day last year.  Your tax dollars are funding a special Kidnapping and Invasion Task Force, dedicated to preventing drug related kidnappings and apprehending those who engage in such crimes and they are losing.

The Joint Operating Environment Report 2008 by the U.S. Joint Forces Command recently reported:

“The Mexican possibility may seem less likely, but the government, its politicians, police and judicial infrastructure are all under sustained assault and pressure by criminal gangs and drug cartels. How that internal conflict turns out over the next several years will have a major impact on the stability of the Mexican state. Any descent by Mexico into chaos would demand an American response based on the serious implications for homeland security alone.”

President Obama’s Foreign Policy team is focusing on the Middle East and they seem bent on seeing to it that those who brought us 911 are treated fairly, but we may soon discover our greatest threat to American security and stability is just to our south.

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