Obama-Clinton ticket?

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Jun 10, 2008

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Dear Vision America Supporter,

A Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential ticket? It may be right around the corner, now that Clinton has thrown her full, unqualified support to the Obama candidacy this past weekend. But she does have competition for that slot. Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine and Virginia Sen. Jim Webb are two highly prominent Democrats who have been frequently mentioned as possible Obama running mates. Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is another potential running mate who could pull some of the same voters that Clinton would pull to the ticket.
However, in an interesting twist, CNN is reporting their poll that found 60 percent of Clinton supporters would support Obama, 17 percent would vote for McCain and 22 percent would not vote at all. Time will tell, but if Hillary Clinton wants the number two job she had better have a talk with her husband. According to the Belfast Telegraph in Ireland, after Hillary's speech claiming to throw her support behind Obama, former President Bill Clinton launched another attack against him. The former president accused Obama of being behind a dirty tricks campaign against his wife. "They had all these people standing up in his church calling Hillary a white racist and he didn't do anything about it. The first day he said 'Ah well', because that's what they do, they get other people to slam her," Bill Clinton said.
More Broken Promises in Washington
Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader. Reid holds the top position in an esteemed chamber--a chamber established by our God-fearing founders and home to some of the most incredible legislative debates our nation has seen. Harry Reid is a liar.  Sorry, but it's the truth. Harry Reid is a politician with a memory problem--he can't remember his promises. Back in the spring, Reid pledged to Senate Republicans that he would confirm three of President Bush's judicial nominees by the Memorial Day weekend, if the Republicans promised to stop their plans to shut down the Senate. The shut down plan was in response to Senate Democrats' obstruction of many, many judicial nominations--during a time when the vacancies on the federal bench are at crisis level. The Republicans kept their promise. Reid broke his.  According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2008 the Senate has confirmed two circuit court judges. Two!?!  In Bill Clinton's last Congress, Republicans confirmed 15, and Democrats confirmed 17 in Ronald Reagan's last two years. And Democrats have so far confirmed only two this year!  And even after promising three confirmations, Reid only delivered one, leaving 10 more hanging over the summer, with little hope of confirmation if things continue as they have been. We need to let Senator Reid know that we have had enough of his obstructionism. Together, we have overwhelmed the Senate e-mail and phone system before--we must do it again.  It is absolutely essential that we get good, decent, self-limiting judges on the federal bench. We are continually hearing about judges who impose their own will on the free people of America--with no regard for the law, the Constitution or the God-given rights we hold as self-evident. Out-of-control judges were one of the key reasons for the American Revolution. Tyrannical rulers who imposed their will unlawfully on the people drove our nation to declare ourselves free. We must stand up and declare we are free-and that no judge can take this freedom from us.  We must let our elected officials know that we know the solution is in their hands-and we will hold them accountable for their actions, or inaction. You can e-mail Senator Reid here, and you can call him at 202-224-3542. Please do both, and then send this e-mail to everyone you know who cares about our nation. Together we are making a difference. Make your voice heard today!
America Gives $34.8 Billion to Developing Countries
Usually when you read headlines like this one, the story is about our tax dollars being doled out to countries around the world, with no controls, limits or assurances that the money is getting to the people who need it most.  But according to the latest version of the Index of Global Philanthropy put out by the Center for Global Prosperity at the Hudson Institute, this $34.8 billion was given privately and voluntarily by generous Americans in 2006--$8.8 billion of that total from congregations. This overshadows the U.S. government's redistribution of our tax dollars, which amounted to $23.5 billion.
We live in a generous nation. We live in a nation that still cares. We live in a nation that is still moved by compassion when it sees hurting people around the world--and then gives where the need is. We should be proud that in the midst of all our problems, issues and failings we still remember the widows and the orphans, we still remember to reach out in love to those who need it. Despite everything we have forgotten and turned our back on as a nation, the people still hold to our traditional values of loving our neighbor--just as Jesus commanded us to. So what can we take away from this?  I would suggest that we don't need government to be the answer. We just need to continue to be Americans--because Americans help those in need, worldwide. Thank you for being a part of our Christian witness to the world.
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I remain...Your servant and friend,
Pastor Rick Scarborough

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