Palin Attacks Obama’s ‘Appalling’ Refusal to Defend Babies Who Survive Abortion

  • Terence P. Jeffrey -
  • Oct 13, 2008

( - Three times over the last several days, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has focused her attention on what she described as Sen. Barack Obama’s “appalling” and “absolutely atrocious” refusal to support legislation in the Illinois State Senate that would have required medical care for a baby who survived an abortion and would have defined such a baby—alive and fully outside its mother’s womb—as a person.

Palin’s focus on the issue began with her appearance Thursday on Laura Ingraham’s nationally syndicated talk radio show.  It then continued later Thursday at a joint rally with Republican presidential candidate John McCain in Wisconsin, and culminated in Johnstown, Pa., on Saturday, with a sustained and personalized defense of the right to life.


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