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Pawlenty Withdraws, Newcomer Perry Seeks His Endorsement

  • Patrick Goodenough - CNSNews.com
  • Aug 14, 2011

(CNSNews.com) – Tim Pawlenty withdrew Sunday from the 2012 Republican presidential campaign following a disappointing showing in the Iowa straw poll, and newcomer to the race Rick Perry moved quickly to seek the former Minnesota governor’s endorsement.

Pawlenty took third place in the Iowa Republican Party-hosted poll, obtaining 2,293 votes to winner, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s 4,823. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas took a close second, with 4,671 votes.

After Pawlenty announced his withdrawal on Sunday Bachmann – whose sparring with her fellow Minnesotan had been a strong feature of Thursday’s Iowa GOP debate – did not say whether she would seek his endorsement, telling NBC’s Meet the Press that she would call him “to wish him well.”

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