Remember New Mexico!

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Mar 3, 2009

One Committed Pastor Made the Difference by Successfully Leading the Effort to Defeat Gay Marriage in New Mexico!!

Governor Bill Richardson said the Christian Right would not stop his agenda this time. He was determined to give homosexuals what they wanted…legitimacy for their abhorrent behavior. Millions of dollars were spent in New Mexico by the national and state leaders of the radical homosexual agenda so they could have a big victory to undermine the traditional family.

But one Pastor said, "Not under my watch!" Then he set out with a determined plan of action. And when the votes were counted, against all odds, God's standard for marriage was preserved in New Mexico. A state that same-sex advocates were certain would become the next nail in the coffin of traditional values in America.

After a grueling battle that lasted several months, Pastor Steve Smotherman, the leader of one of New Mexico's largest churches, Legacy Church in Albuquerque, led a coalition of Evangelicals, Catholics and conservative politicians against a well-funded and well-organized homosexual lobby in his state.

For some time liberal Governor Bill Richardson has been trying to pass the Domestic Partnership Bill. Pastor Smotherman and his church family turned back this effort last year, but radical homosexuals are a committed lot. Instead of quitting, they raised money and defeated several of the legislators who opposed their agenda in the 2008 elections. So back they came with certainty that this would be the year to advance their cause.

The courts have ruled that there is no reason to differentiate between the sexes in a marriage if a state decides to pass domestic partnership laws. New Mexico was marching toward legalizing gay marriage.

Recognizing the overwhelming political advantage the advocates of domestic partnership had in New Mexico, this past November Pastor Smotherman took the step to organize a coalition named Voices for Family Values. Together with former New Mexico Lieutenant Governor Walter Bradley and former U.S. Congressman Bill Redmond, as well as several other politicos who understood how the political process works, they began an arduous fight in an effort to stop supporters of gay marriage from having their way.

All of the leaders were committed Christians who understood both the politics of the battle as well as the spiritual nature of the true warfare they were waging. They have provided the rest of the country a model of how we can turn back this wicked agenda which threatens the soul of America.

After losing the battle in the House of Representatives, the Public Affairs Committee and the Judiciary Committee, it looked certain that the bill would pass the more liberal Senate, yet Pastor Smotherman and his allies refused to concede defeat. He regularly called his 5000+ member congregation to prayer, as did an increasing number of other clergy who got on board, including the leading Catholic in New Mexico, Archbishop Michael Sheehan

It all culminated on February 27th, when the Senate called for the vote. All that was needed was a simple majority and the bill would pass. Most expected, at best, a tie. The current Lieutenant Governor, who was committed to the bill's success, would then cast the deciding vote in favor. Pastor Smotherman continued his lobbying effort until the actual vote was taken, despite the expectation by most of its passage.

When the Senate voted the bill went down 25-17! All 15 Republicans voted against the bill and they were joined by 10 of the 27 Democrats! This courageous Pastor and those who stood with him against the liberal press, threats of reprisal by angry homosexuals and even the misinformed among the church, have provided our cause with the victory we have so sorely needed.

We now have a battle cry in the fight for the soul of our nation; "Remember New Mexico!"

We don't have to sit back and wait for the end. We CAN win. New Mexico is proof.

Pastor Smotherman and Voices for Family Values kept in touch with citizens through continual email blasts and phone calls, encouraging them to call their Senators and demand they vote against the Domestic Partnership Bill.

Some senators received well over 2,000 calls! It reached the point where they were asking people to stop calling!

This is a testimony that God honors the efforts of those who stand for righteousness! To God be the glory! Vision America is proud to have assisted by hosting over a dozen meetings with Pastors as well as major rallies across New Mexico last year. We also helped to educate hundreds of Pastors regarding their role in being salt and light. Pastor Steve Smotherman and Legacy Church are Patriot Partners with Vision America.

You can show your support in the following ways: Pray for Pastor Smotherman, Archbishop Sheehan former Lt. Governor Walter Bradley, former Congressman Bill Redmond and all of us here at Vision America Action as we are under attack for this victory.

Select here to assist Vision America as we continue to assist and stand with Pastors across America who stands for faith and values. We depend on your support to continue our efforts.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

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I remain...Your servant and friend,

Pastor Rick Scarborough

Fear the Lord and judge with integrity, for the Lord our God does not tolerate perverted justice, partiality, or the taking of bribes.   2 Chronicles 19:7

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