Republican Senator Threatens to Shut Down US Senate Over Judges

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Apr 7, 2008

1. Republican Senator Threatens to Shut Down US Senate Over Judges
2. Philadelphia Attacks Boy Scouts, It’s Time for a Counterattack!
3. It’s Time to Defund the Abortion Industry
4. U.S. Senate Goes After Televangelists
5. Ministry Report

Republican Senator Threatens to Shut Down US Senate Over Judges

Last week, according to the Washington Times, Senator Arlen Specter threatened to “close the Senate down” unless the president’s Circuit Court of Appeals nominees get a straight up or down vote. Specter is the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

One key battle for the future of our nation is being fought in the judicial nomination process. As long as elected politicians lack the backbone to take a stand for the Constitution, we are reliant on judges to impose those Constitutional limits on themselves.

At present, Senate Democrats—who control the Senate Judiciary Committee—are blocking President Bush’s nominees from a full Senate vote. Now, some Senators have had enough.

In the last two years of President Clinton’s term in office, the Republican controlled Senate confirmed 15 of his appeals court nominees. This compares to just 6 of President Bush’s in the Democrat controlled Senate.

Now, eight Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee put the democrat chairman, Senator Leahy, on the hot seat. Senator Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) challenged Leahy on why he was blocking a vote on Judge Robert Conrad—who has been nominated to fill a vacancy on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

This direct confrontation got some immediate results—as Catharine Haynes, nominee to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals was sent to the full Senate.

Last Wednesday, the “Wall Street Journal” stated that Specter was now ready for “a series of procedural stalls that would make it next to impossible for the Senate to get anything done.” This move may help nominees like Peter Keisler, who has been waiting for a committee vote for 20 months since his hearing took place.

According to the Journal, “The Democratic Senate has confirmed a mere six nominees with no plans in sight to move the remaining 11 forward. Judicial nominees rarely are confirmed in the final months of a president’s second term, so the clock is running out. Democrats figure they’ll retake the White House in November, and they don’t mind leaving the courts short-handed for another year or two as they stall for liberal nominee….”

It is imperative that good judges sit on our nation’s courts. Click here to send a fax to every member of the U.S. Senate today for a small donation. As always, click here to send your e-mails for free.


Please also join with us as a Patriot Partner. Just $10 a month goes a long way to help us take on issues nationwide—especially our long fight for good judges in our nation. We stood with Judge Moore against liberal judges already on the federal bench, and the fight still continues today. Click here to become a Patriot Partner today.

Philadelphia Attacks Boy Scouts, It’s Time for a Counterattack!

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, has once again revealed the reality behind the mask. In past years, demagogues there have demonstrated their hostility towards Christianity by hauling those who took the Great Commission seriously to jail—including a grandmother—while encouraging the celebration of homosexuality on city streets.

Now, Philadelphia has a new target in its war against traditional values—the Boy Scouts.

You would think they would want the influence of an organization that turns young men into patriotic citizens—instead they are trying to evict them.

Click here to sign our petition to the Philadelphia City Council demanding they stop this attack on the Boy Scouts.


We are standing with this organization as I know of no more wholesome or redeeming organization in America than the Boy Scouts.  One of the members of our staff achieved the coveted status of Eagle Scout. I’m sure you know of many people who have been impacted by the Boy Scouts and the values they instill in the young men in their program. We strongly encourage you to become a citizen signer. Our voices make a difference—make yours heard.

The young men of Philadelphia deserve a chance to become men of honor and integrity. Stand with us and ensure they get that chance.

Please multiply your impact by forwarding this e-mail to everyone you know.

It’s Time to Defund the Abortion Industry

In 2006, $336,000,000.00 of your tax dollars went to Planned Parenthood. In 2006, $336,000,000.00 of your tax dollars was used to kill 289,650 babies.

Enough is enough!

Join with us and many other organizations who are demanding that President Bush stop our tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood murders babies, covers up sexual crimes against children, promotes pornography to children and devotes millions to the election of pro-abortion politicians. And is then paid by the federal government—through Medicaid and Title X funding.

Please sign our petition to the president which I will personally deliver to the White House on your behalf. We must stop funding infanticide—or God will have no mercy on our nation.

Click here to sign, and then click here to join with us as a Patriot Partner. Just $10 per month will help us continue this fight—nationwide. From DC to California, from South Dakota to Texas, from Missouri to New Mexico—we have fought and continue to fight for the future of our nation and for the values and morals this nation was founded upon.

We will not stop until this nation once again honors God—or we die trying.

U.S. Senate Goes After Televangelists

The U.S. Senate is currently going after television ministries that preach a prosperity gospel. I applaud and encourage the idea of holding ministries accountable, but I strongly protest the manner in which these investigations are being handled and who is conducting them.

Ministries should be completely transparent and open with their supporters about how finances are handled and where donations are going. However, this should be between the donor and the ministry.

The government has absolutely no right to regulate ministries.

The First Amendment to the Constitution has been used illegally for decades by out-of-control judges and their allies to remove any expression of faith from the public sphere.  Now the federal government is encroaching religion by seeking to regulate how Christian organizations use their resources, which is precisely what the First Amendment was adopted to prevent.  If any ministry or minister is involved in criminal activity there are ample laws in place to prosecute the perpetrator--but to regulate the inner workings of a church or ministry is expressly forbidden by the First Amendment.

The First Amendment clearly reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.”

Do we want government determining what is, and what isn’t, godly activity? Do we want them regulating what can be taught from the pulpit? Do we want the government to decide what is extravagant? Is a cathedral with all the trimmings too extravagant? Is a gold cup used during the Lord’s Supper over the line, when a wooden cup would do just as well?

While we may be repulsed by a ministry having two jets and luxury houses, the best antidote to this is members or donors armed with information and a right understanding of Scripture—not government intervention.

The government already regulates churches’ political free speech. Now they want to regulate finances and doctrines related to prosperity. Where does it end? Where will they stop? Be careful what you applaud.  You may think a certain ministry is too extravagant, but someone else may think the small wooden church building down the street would better be used for housing the homeless down the road.  Better for all if we remember there really is to be a separation of church and state--and the violation of that doctrine is coming from the state!

Click here to send your messages to U.S. Senator Grassley, the senator behind this move to investigate church finances.


Ministry Report

This past week I traveled to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where I addressed over 300 pastors, activists and political leaders at the sixth annual Valley Family Forum Gala held on the campus of James Madison University.  Dean Wealty, a retired career civil servant and volunteer leader of the Forum, is doing an outstanding work that is truly impacting the entire region.   He is a tireless and indefatigable example of Christian statesmanship that I have come to greatly respect. 

During the course of my one day visit to the Valley, I met pastors, congressmen, state legislators and various leaders who are working arm in arm to change their culture.  Dean lined up numerous interviews with the print and broadcast media for us, exponentially increasing the effectiveness of the outreach that day

Friends, I can not carry out this mission without thousands of Patriot “pray-ers” and Partners.  Everyone reading this alert is needed for this monumental battle that is raging for the soul of our country.  I am currently reading David McCullough’s excellent and bestselling biography of John Adams.  I have been deeply stirred with the price that our founders paid to secure this Republic.  No less is required of us if we desire to pass it on to our children. 

Please, please consider joining our growing army of Prayer Partners and Patriot Partners.  $10.00 doesn’t sound like a lot and some may think it’s not enough to matter, but hanging on my wall in my study is the first $5.00 donation which we received after we started Vision America, and the letter written by an 83 year old saint that came with it.  Every time I pass that framed letter and crimpled up $5.00 bill, I am reminded that it’s the small gifts--given in love and covered in prayer--that make Vision America what it is. And it will be the future $5 and $10 donations that will enable us to become all that God wants us to be.

Please consider becoming a Patriot Partner. Your donation of $10 a month allows us to continue our work nationwide on your behalf—standing for the values and morals that beat in all our hearts.


Click here to become a Patriot Partner today!


Your friend,

Pastor Rick Scarborough

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