Rick Scarborough Ministry Report

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Sep 20, 2007

Dear friends and supporters,

Your prayers, words of encouragement, and gifts mean more than you will ever know. The past two weeks have taken me from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Washington DC, to Alabama and back to southeast Texas for rallies and One Day Crusades. The results have been encouraging and challenging at the same time.

In Washington DC, I attended a series of strategy meetings with over 40 pro-family organizational leaders. We heard from allies in government as well as reports from paid professionals who study trends in the culture, and I have to report, what we heard from the front lines was not encouraging. One thing we must never forget about Satan is he is tireless in his pursuit of evil, and many who reject our values, unwittingly play into his hands.

As I listened to report after report for two full days, I was mindful of how willing the left is to wield power when they have it. Christians are reminded by their conscience as well as their enemies that our basic tenet is love, and we mistakenly understand that to mean that we should never get angry and always be wary of power. Consequently, we are reticent to use power, even when we have it.

The left is not shackled with such. Every gain we have achieved over the past 15 years we are now in danger of losing, primarily because so many who share our values are disengaged. This trend must be reversed immediately.

In Enterprise, Alabama, we had an enthusiastic crowd for our One Day Crusade. Again, in Southeast Texas, on the anniversary of 9-11, we witnessed a dedicated assembly of true believers who want America to remain strong and free.

Perhaps by now you have heard that my good friend and colleague, Dr. Alan Keyes, has decided to seek the Republican nomination. While I cannot endorse his candidacy, I can strongly endorse his character and love for this nation and I wish him well. He will bring a strong witness for our values to the debates across the nation.

Dr. Keyes can no longer participate in our One Day Crusades due to his being a candidate. I have been advised by legal experts that as long as he is a candidate for federal office, he cannot be a spokesman for Vision America nor can Vision America sponsor events where he is speaking due to IRS and Federal Election Commission guidelines. Consequently, we are in the process of communicating this change of line-up with all of our event hosts.

Chaplain Klingenschmitt and I will continue our crusades across America. If you want to host one of our events, please click here and someone will contact you quickly. If the financial requirements with Dr. Keyes were prohibitive due to the size of our team, perhaps you can now reconsider hosting a crusade in your area.

This Saturday evening, we will be hosting our 10th Annual Gala at the Houston Westin Galleria Hotel. For more information, please click here. Janet Folger will be our special guest for the evening.

Beloved, the following e-mail went out from a leading pro-homosexual organization this week. As you read it, please remember what we are up against and consider making the largest contribution you can afford to help us stay in this battle.

I love and appreciate every one of you who took time to read this whole e-mail alert.

Pastor Rick Scarborough 

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