The Justice Foundation Fights Against Abortion

  • Rick Scarborough
  • May 16, 2008

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The battle to turn back abortion and begin the process of restoring the right of life and liberty to the most innocent of our country will require creative thinking and the anointing and favor of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The legal staff of the Justice Foundation is among the brightest minds in our movement and close personal friends.  I can commend them to you without reservation as genuine men and women of God.  They have developed a strategy to end abortion that is truly making a difference.  Please read the following carefully and prayerfully and if you can assist them in this great endeavor, do whatever you can. Every member of our staff at Vision America is devoted to restoring this country to being the light to the world that she once was.  Thank you for taking the time to open and read our email alerts.  If God were to so incline you to stand with us and help us, I would forever be grateful.  This information comes to you now because others have joined us, but the task is monumental and the needs are great.  If you feel inclined to help us in our cause, please CLICK HERE to make a gift.  God bless you.

Rick Scarborough; President of Vision America
The Justice Foundation (TJF) was founded in 1993 to protect the fundamental freedoms and rights essential to the preservation of American society. The Justice Foundation is a nonprofit, public-interest litigation firm supported by tax-deductible contributions and they provide free legal representation in landmark cases to protect and restore justice.
TJF believes the judiciary should remain faithful to the original intent of our Constitution. Legal restraints on government should be enforced. Parents should have the right to choose the education and upbringing of their own children. They also support the fundamental right of property ownership.Many of the cases in which TJF has represented citizens sought to protect, through litigation and education, the fundamental freedoms and rights of Americans. The foundation also supports Operation Outcry in spreading the truth that abortion hurts women and the message of hope for those hurting from abortion. You may contact the Justice Foundation by e-mail at or by phone at 210-614-6656.
Operation Outcry is an attempt to mobilize one million voices of those who have been hurt by abortion. The Justice Foundation is making available declaration forms to women and men who have had personal experience with the devastating effects of abortion. These forms will be delivered to the United States Supreme Court and will graphically illustrate how abortion hurts all of those involved. Click here for the form and print it or forward this to someone you know who has had an abortion and encourage them to complete it following the easy to use instructions. The Justice Foundation is a well respected and established legal organization and will protect the confidentiality of those who desire it.
The Supreme Court is listening now but has said there is no reliable data on the size of the problem. That's why we need to collect the declaration forms to show the Court the size of the problem.  Fill out the declaration form yourself or forward this email to a friend.
If you have had an abortion and need help and healing call 1-866-482-5433, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The National Helpline for Abortion Recovery is a Christ centered free counseling service.

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