The Latest Front in the War on Christianity

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Sep 26, 2008

The Latest Front in the War on Christianity

Nothing shocks me anymore, but this latest revelation regarding our Nation's new Capitol Visitors Center set me back.  Once again, the political correctness crowd is attempting to re-write our history and apparently they are succeeding.  Using your tax dollars, they are hiding the wonderful things our great God has done in our past as they greet visitors from around the world when telling our story.  Their job is to simply tell the truthful and factual account of our nation's heritage including the role that God played, but instead it appears there is a concerted effort to obscure facts that do not validate the godless secular agenda of some.

Congress is spending over $600 million dollars to create the Capitol Visitors Center.  It would appear that they are hiding our religious history from the visitors.  Among the references to God or religious history omitted from the Capitol Visitor Center is the current national motto, "In God We Trust", which does not appear in any presentation in the Capitol Visitor Center despite its prominent display in the House and Senate Chambers. 108 Members of Congress, including Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, have signed a letter to the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) expressing their concerns with the incomplete historical content in the Capitol Visitor Center regarding our nation's religious history

"Our concern is not just with the Capitol Visitor Center, but with increasing pattern of attempts to remove references to our religious heritage from our nation's capital. The Capitol Visitor Center is just one example of efforts to censor God, faith, and religion from our historical buildings, documents, and ceremonies," said Congressman J. Randy Forbes (VA-04), Founder and Chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

Along with the omission of "In God We Trust" are factual inaccuracies regarding Capitol church services and the exclusion of the reference to "religion, morality, and knowledge" in the Northwest Ordinance. In addition, the Capitol Visitor Center includes photos from Earth Day, an AIDS rally, various casino grounds and factories, but it does not include photos from monumental religious events such as the National Day of Prayer or the March for Life event, attended by thousands annually, among other things. 

The Congressional Prayer Caucus has been at the forefront in preventing the obstruction of the phrase "Laus Deo", or "Praise Be to God," at the Washington Monument, fighting attempts of the Architect of the Capitol to censor the word "God" on Congressional flag certificates, and fighting to reverse a decision to strip the mention of God from flag-folding ceremonies at veterans' funerals.

"Historical buildings like the Capitol Visitor Center are there to tell the story of our nation. When religious history is removed from these displays, the American public is not able to observe an accurate depiction of our nation's story," said Forbes. "We owe it to those who have gone before us and to our future generations to provide a complete representation of our nation's heritage. We will continue to fight until this is achieved in the Capitol Visitor Center."

Many great members of Congress, including Congressman Steve Pearce (NM-02), are part of The Congressional Prayer Caucus. Visit there website here.

See You At The Pole: Kids have found a way to pray publicly in school.  On September 24, Christian young people met at their school flagpole to pray for the leaders of our country, their teachers and their families. This has been an outstanding program, which was begun by a group of students in Burleson, TX in 1990.  In addition to praying for their leaders, they also pray for God to return moral and spiritual awakening to their own school and to campuses across the country.

Kids are also encouraged to report on the "See You at the Pole" event in which they participated.   The web site offers three different dates that the reports will be published: September 26, October 3 and October 10.  To see the impact these kids are having and read their reports, you can go to the organization's web site here.

Read more about "See You at the Pole" here.

On September 22, abortion opponents launched a campaign called "40 Days for Life" in over 170 cities, with a purpose of bringing attention to the evil of abortion.  The program focuses on a three-point program which includes prayer and fasting, constant vigil and community outreach.  With our society having experienced so much moral decay and degeneration, we must band together as a Christian community and take action on positive efforts like the "40 Days for Life" campaign.

In the fall of 2007 and spring of 2008, there were two coordinated "40 Days for Life" campaigns which brought together over 150,000 participants.  The organizers report that over 500 lives were saved from abortion during this campaign, and there are likely many more mothers that were impacted that went unreported.  Praise God!

Please consider your participation in the effort to save the unborn.  The fall 2008 "40 Days for Life" campaign is already underway, but you can still participate. The blog maintained at the website already reports the first baby saved! I encourage you to go to their web site and join this fight to stop abortion.

40 Days for Life Website

Rarely do broadly distributed movies promote the kind of values that most Christians find acceptable, let alone worth recommending.  However, this new movie not only discourages the breakdown of marriage, but promotes the need to do whatever it takes to avoid divorce.  In addition to details about the movie, the web site features marriage "fireproofing" resources, stories and more.

To see the FIREPROOF website and learn more, select  here.

Not surprisingly, this movie was not produced in Hollywood, but in Albany, Georgia as a ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church.  The movie, made by brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, will open in 830 theaters nationwide. This film follows the success of the Kendrick brothers' 2006 success "Facing the Giants," a movie that was made with a $100,000 budget and grossed over $10 million. "FIREPROOF" opens September 26, 2008. 

To read what USA Today had to say about FIREPROOF, select here.

Americans for Truth and others are confronting San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for welcoming homosexual orgies and public nudity on the streets of his city.   Please be in prayer for our friends who will be in San Francisco on Friday challenging the complete collapse of morality in that city.  I know many of you view that city as beyond saving, but let us remember that there is still a remnant there. There are good people who live in the area that want it to change.  Regrettably, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not one of them, refusing to speak out against these acts.  America needs to learn that this is what our nation will become if we do not awaken the church.

This type of immorality will be coming to your community, too if we do not take action. It is more than a little serious that the so-called (let's say) non-liberal, straight, "conservative" press and journals will not cover this.  Not the Washington times, no O'Reilly, not Fox, and what about others, e.g. City Journal, etc.?

Read about the gathering on San Francisco's City Hall steps here.

With elections just around the corner, your "must read" list should include "Enough is Enough," written by Pastor Scarborough.  Phyllis Schlafly says: "Rick Scarborough has given Christians a powerful call to action, motivating us to tackle the task of restoring America to the great country we have been and can be again."  In his forward to the book, Tim LaHaye poses the question,"Will Christians Have to Save America Again?" You can receive your personal copy signed by  Dr. Scarborough, with a donation to Vision America Action of $50 or more.

Please make your contribution here.

It appears that the media coverage of candidate Barack Obama's attempts to influence Christian conservatives was just that: a media event.  With the large majority of Americans professing Christianity, our voices can be heard.  But we must take action at every opportunity, including with our votes.  Christians who cast their votes in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections were clearly a factor in the victory of our current president. Yet, the failure of Christians to turn out in great numbers during the Congressional elections of 2006 also demonstrated the results of inaction.

While the Obama campaign recognizes and talks about the need for our support, they have failed to deliver on following through with meaningful efforts to address our issues.  Recently, Obama representatives were a no show at a Christian forum held in Washington, DC.  The Obama delegation pulled out of the Reese Round Table only hours before the scheduled start, without any explanation.

Read more about the Obama "no show" at this Christian forum here.

Meanwhile, the "Barack Obama: Faith, Family and Values Tour" flopped at its very first stop.  Held in Jerry Falwell's backyard in Lynchburg, VA, a mere 15 people showed up for the event.  With Obama's positions in support of abortion, including partial birth abortion, it's no wonder that he has trouble drawing crowds to hear the rhetoric of a campaign trying to make their positions palpable to Christians.

Read a report about the "Faith Tour"  here.

After an Arson fire was set at the Pregnancy Alternatives Center in Lebanon, OR, a crisis pregnancy center that promotes alternatives to abortion, the decision has been made that the building will need to be torn down.  This non-profit, volunteer, Christian organization has been in the same location for 19 years, offering women counseling when facing an unplanned pregnancy.  The FBI has established a $5,000 reward to help find the arsonist, but while this may help bring the culprit to justice, it is little help in getting the facility up and running again.  With their facility completely destroyed, the volunteers of Pregnancy Alternatives Center must find an new facility to offer Christian counsel and moral alternatives to abortion.

The Executive Director for the facility said that they are searching for an alternative location, but with their building a total loss and the destruction of virtually all the contents, a return to offering their services to women in crisis is at best weeks away.  Please be in prayer for the Executive Director and her team as they work to reopen their facility and return to offering women options to the heinous act of abortion.

Read the details here.

I am...Your friend,

Pastor Rick Scarborough

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