The More We Learn, The More We Feel Had

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Feb 17, 2009

The More We Learn, The More We Feel Had

President Obama went before the American people repeatedly and announced that if the stimulus package wasn’t passed by Friday, the American economy could go over the brink.  The leadership of the House and Senate met and drafted a compromise bill for just under 800 billion dollars and voted on it in a matter of hours.  The bill was over 1,000 pages in length, which NOT ONE of the members of the House nor the Senate had time to read and which will cost future generations over one trillion dollars, due to artificial deadlines imposed by the President and his allies in the House and the Senate.

It passed without one single Republican in the House of Representatives and only three Republicans in the Senate. 

Then, just hours later, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi climbed aboard a jet with several other Congressmen for a seven day taxpayer funded junket in Italy and President Obama boarded Air Force One for a three day vacation with his wife…while the bill lay on his desk unsigned. 

Today he will fly in Air Force One to Denver, Colorado, to sign the bill at a cost of millions of tax payer dollars, four days after it “HAD” to be passed.

Our elected officials could have had four days to actually read this bill!! 

Why did neither the President nor his allies in the Congress want the members to have time to do the reasonable and right thing?  Was it because they knew it would never pass if it faced the light of day and the American people found out what was really in the bill?

The more we learn, the more we feel had.  Every day a new revelation of waste, pork and earmarks are discovered in the most expensive piece of legislation ever passed by Congress in history. 

And this is just the start.  In my book, Enough is Enough, I discuss how Hitler and Mussolini both used crisis to gain control of the banks, private industry, and the levers of power in their respective countries.  History is a great teacher, and history seems to be repeating itself in America.

Please help me rally Pastors to this growing threat to our freedom and to our great nation.  Please stand with me today.  Select here to make a contribution to Vision America Action.  For those of you who request it. I will send you a copy of Enough is Enough as a way of saying thank you for your gift.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

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