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The Red Envelope

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Mar 17, 2009

Chris Otto has spent the last 21 years of his life in quiet ministry as a pastry chef, worship leader, hotel clerk and vocal coach. A faithful life is the fruit of a cultivated walk with God, which is what Chris lives out every morning in his routine time of prayer and Bible Study. It is during that time that God lay on his heart to begin the Red Envelope Project.

What started out as an email request to 120 ministry friends has grown into hundreds of thousands of small red envelopes being sent to President Obama at the White House, in protest of his pro-abortion policies and in an effort to speak out on behalf of the rights of millions of aborted pre-born babies. As Chris put it, "This is not about politics; it's about changing one man's heart."

Vision America is urging all of our more than one million subscribers to join Chris Otto's crusade to change President Obama's heart.

Select here to send a red envelope to President Obama: http://SendARedEnvelope.org. You can also send your own to the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C. 20500.

President Obama may be the most pro-abortion President in history. For three consecutive years as a Senator in Illinois he voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (S.B. 1095, S.B. 1662, S.B. 1082), legislation designed to protect babies who survived an abortion attempt.

During the four years following, he repeatedly misrepresented his vote, stating that he wouldn't have voted against the bill had it included the "neutrality clause" which is found in the federal version of the bill.

Finally, when presented with irrefutable evidence that the bill had indeed included the neutrality clause (states that the law would not change the legal status or rights or anyone prior to being born alive), the Obama campaign admitted the truth: he joined fellow democrats in voting against it, killing it 6-4.

And in case you have any doubt where Michelle Obama stands? In a fundraising letter in February 2004, she urged voters, in lieu of overturning the partial-birth abortion ban instituted by Bush, to "nominate a candidate who will fight to protect women…letting doctors decide treatment options, not federal judges. Who can we count on to keep the Bush/Ashcroft team from appointing a Supreme Court Justice that will vote against Roe v. Wade?"

Mr. and Mrs. Obama's stance in favor of abortion is cause for Christians to keep fighting tirelessly for the rights of the unborn.

Mrs. Obama also clearly stated in her 2004 appeal to donors that President Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft believed that "we have no federal right to privacy when it concerns our medical histories."

Yet, we have now discovered that the Stimulus Bill will make our medical histories available to a nationwide database. It also gives the government the ability to decide what health benefits we should receive and at what cost.

So which is it…a right to privacy or not? Or do the Obama's believe they have been appointed to decide who has the right to privacy and when?

Our leaders need a change of heart. James 5:16 gives us the charge to "pray for each other, that you may be healed. The faithful, fervent prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." We can pray and we can act, both are equal in their significance.

Vision America is committed to seeking the truth in all things and calling on Pastors and Congregations to act accordingly.

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Thank you in advance for your generous support!

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I remain...Your servant and friend,

Pastor Rick Scarborough

Fear the Lord and judge with integrity, for the Lord our God does not tolerate perverted justice, partiality, or the taking of bribes.   2 Chronicles 19:7

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