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The Rick Scarborough Report - 3/14/08

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Mar 14, 2008
  1. The Pro-Homosexual Gospel According to Obama
  2. Children Under Attack
  3. California Outlaws Home Schooling
  4. Ministry Update

The Pro-Homosexual Gospel According to Obama

Clinton and Obama agree on the “change” they wish to bring to our nation--ushering in homosexual marriage and adoptions.  The “change” Obama promises is more than his liberal social programs--he wants to change the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.

It is refreshing that both parties are more openly discussing faith, and even Christianity, in this election cycle.  Hopefully, people of faith will make informed decisions on who will lead our nation.

Obama told a crowd last week that he believes the Sermon on the Mount justifies his support for legal recognition of homosexual unions.  He also told the crowd that his position in favor of legalized abortion does not make him "less Christian.” He went on to say, "If people find that controversial then I would just refer them to the Sermon on the Mount, which I think is, in my mind, for my faith, more central than an obscure passage in Romans."

It is hardly proper to speak of the Sermon on the Mount as a digest of the teaching of Jesus, for it does not include any reference to some very important subjects discussed by our Lord on other occasions in the course of His ministry.  Every scripture is the inspired Word of God and should be treated as such, not thrown about to justify personal preferences.

As reported by Cybercast News Service, Obama published on his Web site an "open letter concerning LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) equality in America."  In that letter, Obama said he favored same-sex unions that were equal to marriage--including adoption rights--and that he was open to states codifying same-sex marriages.

"As your president, I will use the bully pulpit to urge states to treat same-sex couples with full equality in their family and adoption laws." ( View the full letter here)

Ironically, Obama’s distortions of the Bible’s teachings come as he fends off suspicion of his loyalty to Islam. Clinton is charged with leaking Muslim dressed pictures of Obama and she left open whether he is a Christian or a Muslim in a recent interview.  Yet, homosexual marriage and adoptions pushed by both are not acceptable in Christianity or Islam.

Children Under Attack

California has long been cited as a microcosm of what the liberal establishment in America desires of all of America, but two bills which have recently made their ways to the governor’s desk clearly define an agenda that is anti-children.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed bill SB 777 which adds "sexual orientation" to the state anti-discrimination statutes.  The legislation contains a clause that states transgender students must be allowed to use restrooms of their chosen gender.  (Don’t be surprised if every eighth grade boy feels that he must be transgender at least once during his school career!)  The bill also includes Islam and agnostic when defining religious instruction.

After receiving thousands of e-mails and letters from Californians protesting the bill that would have seriously infringed upon students' religious freedoms, the governor vetoed the second bill, SB 1437, which had been approved by the legislature. It would have prevented any school teaching materials or activities that could be construed to reflect adversely upon homosexuals, bisexuals or transgenders.

"First, California law allowed public schools to voluntarily promote homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality. Then, the law required public schools to accept homosexual, bisexual and transsexual teachers as role models for impressionable children.  Now, the law has been changed to effectively require the positive portrayal of homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality to 6 million children in California government-controlled schools," said Randy Thomasson, chief of the  Campaign for Children and Families and a leader in the movement to withdraw what supporters pray will be up to 600,000 children from public districts in the state.

Christians must understand that this is not just a California problem but a threat to all Christians in America. We must stand together in our fight, not only in California but throughout the entire country, on behalf of the children, the family and religious freedoms for all people.

California Outlaws Home Schooling

On February 28, 2008, three judges from the California Court of Appeals handed down a very controversial decision regarding a case involving a home school family. Their opinion holds that home schooling is not a legal option in California.

Vision America Action agrees with the Home School Legal Defense Association who believes that the best course of action is to petition the California Supreme Court to “depublish” the opinion--which means that it can only be applied to the specific family which the court ruling addressed and not applied to other home schooling families in California.

Click here to sign the petition.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated he will intervene if a court ruling against homeschoolers is not overturned.  Some home schooling parents say they'll leave the state, rather than give up their rights to educate their children.  Please join us in defending this basic parental right.

Ministry Update

This has been an incredible week of travel and networking as we have been working to address the serious challenges that the pro-life and pro-family movement is now facing.  I believe we are in the most dangerous period of my lifetime, and one which necessitates men and women of faith seek God's direction and wisdom to address.

Last Thursday, I traveled to New Orleans and Nashville where I met with dozens of pastors and concerned leaders of our movement to discuss where we go from here.  There were numerous suggestions about a third party effort and several leaders were indicating they cannot support any of the remaining three major candidates for president.

As I listened I was saddened to see the confusion now reigning throughout the pro-life and pro-family movement, and though I do not claim to know everything there is to know, this one thing I am absolutely certain of--God is not the author of confusion.

We are where we are because of the failure of the conservative, religious, political leaders to lead.  We were all over the spectrum--with Pat Robertson endorsing Rudy Guiliani while other equally visible leaders were endorsing Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Mike Huckabee or Duncan Hunter--and on and on it went.  Our camp was divided and out of the morass arose John McCain--who in 2000 called Jerry Falwell an agent of intolerance, making no secret of his disdain for the Religious Right--on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama on the Democratic side.

Adding insult to injury, like his Democrat counterparts, McCain has endorsed embryonic stem cell research despite the fact that former frozen embryos are walking and talking across America today and to date not one shred of evidence has been brought forward to validate that embryos can produce cures that adult stem cell lines cannot provide.  From the perspective of Christian conservatives, all three remaining major contenders for the highest office in the land are flawed.

So what are the very leaders now saying?  They are still all over the map--saying stay home, vote third party, etc.

My message from now till the election will be--we have a two party system in America for better or worse.  Voting third party in my estimation is a waste of your vote, and we must never forget, every vote is two votes.  You are voting for someone and you are not voting for someone else.  That means that when you vote for someone you know cannot possibly win, you are adding strength to someone who will win and you may be withholding a vote for someone who could have won.

Politics is not church.  In church we search for doctrinal purity as best we understand it, but in politics compromise is often the reasonable solution short of war or division. It is better to get 80 percent of what you desire than to get zero percent--which is what you get when you don't participate or you participate ignorantly.

I cannot tell you how to vote, but I urge you to vote.  I urge you to be mindful that this is still a two party system and you and I must vote for the candidates and the party that best represent our values.  The time to discuss the pros and cons of a third party effort is on November 5th, right after the election, when there is time to actually make a difference.  I pledge to be at that meeting if it’s called, as it appears that both major parties no longer see conservative Christian as an asset--beyond getting their vote.

Do not lose sight of the goals which got us into this arena to start with: to end abortions in America in our lifetime; preserve marriage as the Bible defines it; preserve freedom by saving America as a sovereign and free nation; and increase the Kingdom of God on earth by being lights that shine in the midst of a crooked generation.

I am traveling every day to make that message known.  Later today, I will be speaking in Denver, Colorado.  Am I happy with the current field of candidates? Absolutely not!  But am I going to sit home and sulk?  Absolutely not!  Beyond the presidency there are U.S. Senate seats, U.S. House seats, state elections and judges to consider, and when the church stays home or acts foolishly everyone loses.

Help me awaken pastors and leaders to this message.  Please send a generous contribution to Vision America or Vision America Action today.

Select here to Support Vision America - which is tax deductible 501(c)(3).

Select here to Support Vision America Action - which is a 501(c)(4) and not tax deductible but is God blessable and allows more freedom of speech on political issues.

I remain...Your friend and servant.

Pastor Rick Scarborough
Vision America Action

PS.  I have grieved over the sorry state of affairs in New York State.  When I consider all that Governor Spitzer gave up for his uncontrolled lust and personal pleasure--disgracing his wife and his three lovely daughters, forfeiting his future, failing his constituents, and most of all, God--I am saddened and I pray for him.  In 1776 we were a nation of 3 million, and we had hundreds of great leaders.  Today we are nation of over 300 million and we have so few.  God give us men of integrity to lead us once again.   
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