Using the Power of Prayer

  • Rick Scarborough
  • May 30, 2008
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Last week, I was shocked and appalled to hear Senator Clinton mention the Robert F. Kennedy assassination as a reason the presidential campaign could go into June.   According to Fox News, Senator Clinton has spoken in the past about the '68 campaign going on long into June, "but she had never uttered the word assassination. And the reason is that you don't in presidential campaigns." Now, I will not claim to know what goes on in the mind of Senator Clinton, but this is someone who is asking us to trust her with the future of our nation.  Let me be blunt, Senator Clinton's comments were dangerous in a volatile age. They were an unfortunate choice of words that were uncalled for and should never have been spoken. Thankfully, she immediately apologized but it concerns me that this has been a topic of conversation between her and her husband. It concerns me that this is even a thought in her mind. We must contact Senator Clinton and make sure she knows this kind of rhetoric is completely unacceptable in this nation. Those who would contemplate such vile deeds do not need to see these comments coming from our nation's elected leadership.   Select here to send your thoughts to Senator Clinton.  And pray.  Pray for the safety of all the candidates, regardless of party. And pray for their salvation. God has turned the hearts of kings throughout history, and he can do the same today.
Who are the Running Mates?
It's a question we are all asking. Who will McCain pick, who will Obama or Clinton select?  Theories and opinions abound. McCain has been rumored to be looking at Huckabee one day and even Clinton the next. Obama's latest potential partner is John Edwards, which for some reason makes me think of the phrase "always a bridesmaid, never a bride," and gives me a sense of the all too familiar. This past weekend, McCain hosted three possible running mates at his ranch in Arizona--Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor, Charlie Crist, Florida governor and Bobby Jindal, Louisiana governor. In the meantime, Obama put former Fannie Mae CEO Jim Johnson in charge of vetting a list of vice presidential picks. But here is what is important in this running mate selection process. Your voices matter!You can influence their decision--in two ways. One way is practical, the other is spiritual. First, you can e-mail these candidates and ask them to select a running mate that supports your values--and then you need to tell them what those values are. If enough people make it known that the right value-oriented vice presidential candidate will influence who you vote for--the candidates will pay attention.

To contact Hillary Clinton click here.
To contact John McCain click here.
To contact Barack Obama click here.

The second influence you have is through the power of prayer. Scripture is clear that God selects who will rule a nation, and in our nation God uses our votes to do so. He can not only change the heart of a candidate to select a godly running mate, he can also change the hearts of voters as they select their leader.
So pray. Pray like the future of our nation depends on it. Because it does.
Students: God's OK with Homosexuality
"I believe God’s OK with it. I don't think he cares what you wear, what color your skin is or who you're with. I think he loves you for who you are," Jessie Hardison said. Hardison is a student member of the yearbook staff at Clovis High School in New Mexico.
According to the Clovis News Journal, Hardison and Editor-in-Chief Maggie Chavez both claim to hold strong Christian values. They say it is these values that led them to include photos and interviews with gay couples, attending Clovis High, in the 2008 yearbook.
Others, including former Lt. Gov. Walter Bradley, are upset about the photos and accompanying write-ups."I think it's highly inappropriate to place that in that venue. That is no place for that type of negligent exploitation of our kids," he said. "I do not in any way believe this reflects the attitudes and values of this community."
Clovis Municipal Schools Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm said she has received numerous calls from community members on both sides and termed it a sensitive issue.
Essentially the matter is a three-pronged issue, Seidenwurm said, involving First Amendment rights, privacy issues and community standards, all of which are equally important and must be considered. But the bottom line is no school policies were violated and there are no legal concerns about what was published, she said. It is a student publication and ultimately belongs to the students, who followed the rules, she said. "We're trying to look at it from all sides and address the issue. What we have to do is be very careful in whatever we do not to violate any First Amendment rights and be sure all of our board policies have been followed, but we do recognize that there is a segment of our community that is upset with those two pages of our annual," Seidenwurm said. "I have had almost as many calls encouraging us to make sure we don't violate the rights of any children." Seidenwurm said the issue has not been placed on the school board's meeting agenda. It’s time to make sure they hear the voice of concerned Christians from across New Mexico and around the nation. You can contact Superintendent Seidenwurm via e-mail at or by phone at 575-769-4300. Please make sure you are respectful and courteous when you call or e-mail. But do not hesitate to speak the truth in love and make sure this school district thinks twice before promoting sinful lifestyles to children. Your voice matters. We have a history together of changing our culture for the better. Today, it's time to change one New Mexico high school and with your help we can.
Friends, I can not carry out the Vision America mission without thousands of Patriot "pray-ers" and Partners.  Everyone reading this alert is needed for this monumental battle that is raging for the soul of our country. Please, please consider joining our growing army of Prayer Partners and Patriot Partners. Ten or twenty dollars doesn't sound like a lot and some may think it's not enough to matter, but it does matter. It is the small gifts; given in love and covered in prayer; that make Vision America what it is. And it will be the future $5 and $10 donations that will enable us to become all that God wants us to be.
Please consider becoming a Patriot Partner. Your donation of $10 a month allows us to continue our work nationwide on your behalf - standing for the values and morals that beat in all our hearts.
Please consider becoming a Patriot Partner. Your donation of $10 a month allows us to continue our work nationwide on your behalf - standing for the values and morals that beat in all our hearts.
Select here to Support Vision America - which is tax deductible 501(c)(3).
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I remain...Your servant and friend,
Pastor Rick Scarborough
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