When Did the Rights of Terrorists Become More Valuable than the Lives of the Members of the CIA???

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Aug 27, 2009


Answer? When the Obama Administration climbed into bed with the ACLU!

Recently we discovered that the ACLU, under the guise of seeking justice for Guantanamo detainees (our latest euphemism for terrorists who blow up people and buildings for a living), have been routinely revealing classified information to the suspected terrorist by showing them pictures of undercover operatives so that they could finger who "tortured" them while in detention. By revealing the names and identities of our CIA operatives, the ACLU and their lawyers have risked not only the lives of these career public servants, but their entire families as well.

This is an outrage, yet hardly a word has been heard from the National Press. We had to search for information in the public domain on this subject. Under a joint project with the ACLU and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the ACLU launched the "John Adams Project," in an effort to identify the C. I. A. agents who participated in "harsh interrogation practices" in secret camps set up during the Bush Administration.

Anthony D. Romero, the executive director of the ACLU, said researching what had happened to their clients in the hands of government agents was "a normal part of criminal defense work. Identifying who tortured our clients and what they did to them and when is an essential part of defending their interests in these sham proceedings."

In other words, "our concern is not whether these covert CIA operatives live or die. Our concern is that these foreign terrorists be afforded every legal protection that a normal U.S. citizen receives regardless of the consequences to American citizens who put their lives on the line to keep Americans safe."

Please join me in urging the US Congress to investigate this outrageous outing of our Secret Service and call for the rebuke and censure of the ACLU. 

Please select here and join thousands of others in expressing your outrage by sending a fax to all 535 U.S. Congressmen and Senators as well as the President demanding that an investigation be launched to discover who authorized this outrage. For less than one cup of coffee per day for one month you can make a difference. The time is now.

Vision America is committed to bringing you the Truth and giving you opportunities to take action. We cannot do this without your faithful prayer and financial support.

 Thank you in advance for your generous support!

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