WHEN YOU MAKE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, YOU ALWAYS LOSE – Ban On Abortion Funding Promotes Obama-Care

  • Rick Scarborough
  • Nov 12, 2009

I am pro-life by conviction. Anyone who knows me very well or has followed my ministry will verify that fact. In 2006, I helped to register and educate concerned Christians on a stem-cell initiative in Missouri and a ballot question banning most abortions in South Dakota.

Still, I must say, I’m dismayed by the success of the right-to-life movement in passing the Stupak Amendment, which gave pro-life Democrats cover to vote for nationalized health care, which in turn passed the House of Representatives by a 3-vote margin on Saturday evening.

But isn’t that what the right-to-life movement is supposed to do: Work to pass bans on abortion funding? Of course it is. But when such a ban facilitates the passage of legislation that puts all life at risk, it is self-defeating, to say the least.

The Stupak Amendment helped Obama-care to pass the House. But even if the ban remains in the final version of the bill (which still has to go through the Senate and then be reconciled in the House), Obama and his supporters are determined to remove any restrictions on abortion funding — if not now, certainly in the future.

The abortion movement is a crucial component of Obama’s coalition. Thus, year after year, the administration will work to remove the ban. And, year after year, pro-lifers will be forced to fight the same battle all over again – when it could be over now, by defeating nationalized health care.

Even without the prohibition on abortion funding, the 2,000-page health “reform” measure will necessitate rationing. If it’s passed, rationing will be inevitable.

The plan calls for insuring millions who (for whatever reason) are currently uninsured. Even with the enormous tax increases on individuals and businesses envisioned by the legislation, it’s impossible to raise enough revenue to pay the initial trillion-dollar price tag.

Whether it’s “death panels” or penalizing physicians who provide care above a mandated level to Medicare recipients, Washington will find a way to ration medical care to the most vulnerable. Is the life of an unborn child more worthy of protection than handicapped children, terminal patients or the elderly ill?

With God’s help, Obama care can still be stopped.

Of the Democratic Congressmen who opposed the bill, the overwhelming majority (31 of 39) represents districts John McCain carried last year. With GOP victories in New Jersey and Virginia earlier this month and unemployment t now at 10.2%, a lot of vulnerable Democrats (and more are moving into that category every day) are looking over their shoulders. We need to encourage that apprehension. It’s important to note that one solitary Republican, out of 178 in the House of Representatives, voted for the monstrous measure.

The right-to-life movement needs to re-think its strategy. By continuing to push a ban on abortion funding – instead of working to defeat Obama-care with or without such a prohibition –it could end up losing by winning.

Rally for Religious Freedom – Nov. 16, 2009
The Coalition for Faith And Freedom — an ad hoc, inter-denominational group of concerned clergy — will be holding a Press Conference and Rally for Religious Freedom and Pray-In on Monday, Nov. 16th at 1:00 PM in Washington DC, in front of the Department of Justice, to demonstrate our opposition to the new Federal Hate Crimes Legislation.

I will be joining other ministers in hosting a press conference, followed by several brief sermons from the Bible on the subject of homosexuality. The group will release a letter which will be presented earlier that day to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder expressing our concerns and demanding that the religious liberty of all American’s be respected.

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