Advocacy Alerts

Contact your Governor about abstinence only education funding
Let your view be known that your governor should accept federal funding for abstinence education and thank the governor if your state is already accepting the federal funding. We must take a stand, wherever we can, to protect our children from the liberal sexual agenda.

Contact your congressmen to support the Broadcasters Freedom Act
Tell your congressmen to sign the Discharge Petition for the Broadcasters Freedom Act and then support it when it comes up for a vote. Show your opposition to the revival of any form of the Fairness Doctrine.


Contact Governor Bill Richardson
Ask Governor Richardson why he has chosen to reject federal funding for abstinence education.


Contact your Representatives about energy prices

Contact your all congressmen and let them know you want the U.S. to be released from our our reliance on foreign oil cartels by opening territories within our borders and off our coasts for energy exploration.

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